Nutrition success group starts July 9 - Fitness challenge begins July 16!

Lisa Sudbury Fitness

Certified Personal Trainer | PiYo Live Instructor

Certified Karate Instructor

Online Fitness Coach. Gym not required.

About Lisa and Move Fitness

Committed to helping you move - for life!

Move Fitness grew out of a desire to educate and inspire the "non-gym" crowd to get moving and keep moving for life. 

If you've wanted to improve your life through nutrition and fitness, and are willing to work at it, we're here to help.

Online Fitness Coaching

We start new online success groups or challenges at least once a month. TWO groups start in July! 

2B Healthy follows a program  created by Ilana Muhlstein, a Registered Dietician and Nutritionist. This group will support and encourage you in developing healthy eating habits and will provide steps to permanent change. 

Contact Lisa if you're committed to changing your nutrition, losing fat and becoming healthier from the inside out. Exercise is OPTIONAL for this group. Encouragement, help and support are not. Weekly video call with Lisa included.

Personal Training that meets you where you are

Our LIIFT4 Today Challenge Group  gets going on July 16. 

Consisting of 4 workouts a week for 8 weeks, this is a VIP group that includes an app to help you stay accountable and encouraged by your fellow MOVErs, a Facebook group with Joel Freeman (the creator of the program) and a weekly video call with Lisa.


Contact Lisa