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Lisa Sudbury Fitness

Certified Personal Trainer and Karate Instructor.

Online Fitness Coach. 

Gym not required.

About Lisa and Move Fitness

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Committed to helping you move - for life!

An active certified personal trainer, less-active group fitness instructor and passionate karate instructor who loves music, food (as required for a New Orleans native), travel and helping others achieve their goals, I'd love the opportunity to do that for you! 

Move Fitness grew out of a desire to educate and inspire the "non-gym" crowd to get moving and keep moving for life. Watching so many people I love just SIT DOWN in their 50's and quit moving made me determined to remain physically healthy and mobile.


Online Nutrition Coaching

Join our online success and accountability group to

be encouraged, motivated and uplifted by others who are also committed to change! Choose from multiple nutrition programs to meet your goals. Get the help you need to implement positive change - for good.

Exercise is OPTIONAL to lose fat and improve your health. Encouragement, help and support are not! Weekly video call (or cup of coffee if you're local) included in this option.

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Workouts that meet you where you are

Whatever your goals, there is a fitness program that is perfect for you - right where you are, right now. Get stronger and more flexible. Do it in a few minutes a day. 

Working out at home doesn't meant you have to go it alone. (This is me and my workout buddy Zorro ❤️ ). Let's get and stay fit together! This option will include support via Facebook, a text group and a weekly call.

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